Hi, I’m Misha!

chocolate glazed donuts I’m a typical Silicon Valley resident with a B.S. in Geek and an M.S. in Nerd, but at the moment, I’m not working as a professional Geek or Nerd, but as Mom and a wife.

I also try to volunteer at the local animal shelter when I am not making any donuts because being around animals make me happy. It is also one interest of mine, fighting for animal rights and those things. I may want to adopt one dog in the future, but we are still thinking about the responsibility it entails.

My first-born daughter just started pre-school, and I missed her so much that I needed a project to keep from losing myself in a couch-sitting, chip-eating, True-Blood-rerun-watching depression.

So I decided to learn to make donuts! Every Monday, I’m going to attempt to make a different batch of donuts and send them to work with my husband, Blair, for his morning meeting.

Now you’ve finally figured out why I named this site Monday Morning Donuts. Sorry, but currently that is the only free time I have in my hands for this hobby. I wish I have more, but whenever I try going beyond the usual Monday schedule, the mom and wife duties catch up on me. And I’m as much dedicated to my family’s welfare, as I am interested in making donuts for us to try. So I try to balance everything around. Duties come first, after all.

I’ve never made a donut in my life, but I’ve eaten like, a million, so I’m confident I can come up with some interesting creations.

We’ll see how Blair’s co-workers like these babies. Either they’ll love them and I’ll be applauded as the most fantastic donut-maker ever, or leftover donuts will sit stale and miserable in the break room. I’ll let you know!