Making donuts at home
Oh, and I don't sleep well, which is handy for making donuts at the crack of dawn
From April 2013:

Hi, I'm Misha!

I'm a typical Silicon Valley resident with a B.S. in Geek and an M.S. in Nerd, but at the moment, I'm not working as a professional Geek or Nerd, but as Mom.

My oldest daughter had just started preschool, and I missed her so much that I needed a project to keep from losing myself in a couch-sitting, chip-eating, True-Blood-rerun-watching depression.

So I decided to learn to make donuts!

Every Monday, I'm going to attempt to make a different batch of donuts and send them to work with my husband, for his morning meeting.

I've never made a donut in my life, but I've eaten like, a million, so I'm confident I can come up with some interesting creations. We'll see how this goes...

Update November 2014:

Well, what can I say...people LOVE donuts and I LOVE to make donuts for people! I make them for coworkers, friends, family, teachers, neighbors. When there's a dinner party, a barbecue, a bake sale, I bring donuts, donuts, donuts. One of my blog followers even figured out that she worked in my town and asked me to provide donuts to her weekly meetings!

But I am no longer living in the S.F. Bay Area, last month we moved to Seattle! I'm so excited to be reunited with the Emerald Donut City, the home of Top Pot, Mighty-O and Daily Dozen. Checkout this Thrillist article on The Best Donuts in Seattle. These pictures will make you want endure the rain and move up here too!

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  1. Welcome to Seattle! Puget Sound welcomes you and your donut-making prowess with open arms and keen interest. You had me at me at chocolate-covered, pastry-cream filled Bismarck.