Welcome to Monday Morning Donut!

how to fry donuts

Are you ready to explore your talent in making donuts? Well, here at my site, I am providing you several delicious donut recipes that are easy to prepare, with ingredients that could easily be found at your nearest convenience stores and supermarkets, and are a good starting points for newbie in the donut business.

Why donuts? The fast answer would be that I love donuts, and I always think that they are often underrated and overlooked. During birthday celebrations, cakes are the basic pastry that is never missing in every party. Why not donuts? Because it looks less creative, and sports a bleaker look compared to that of a cake? Well, you are in for a big surprise in how donuts could transform the look of your party, and upgrade it to a whole new level.

Stick around, and see what I’m talking about. Then try it yourself to believe it.


I discovered Top Pot Doughnuts while in graduate school at the University of Washington in Seattle. Every morning, my sister and I carpooled to school from the Eastside, and we stopped at Top Pot for donuts and coffee. We both faked being too busy and late to eat breakfast at home so we could save ourselves for the glory of looking at those beautiful trays of glazed, sugared, chocolatey, maple-y, vanilla-y, nutty, crumbly little rings of heaven behind the glass case.

Sometimes, we would even bring home a takeout and wouldn’t resist the temptation of the goodness that before we even come out of our 2-car door garage, we are already stuffed with the delicious donuts. Oh, we don’t worry about the being suffocated from the heat or suffering from too much cold because our garage door is insulated and weather stripped that no weather extremities could conquer it. That is a great addition but not without cost. Maintaining it is very important so we make sure to hire the best Tempe garage door service anytime something needs attention.

When I heard the Top Pot guys wrote a cookbook, I signed up for the waiting list to receive one of the first copies and when it arrived, I read it cover to cover. I felt too intimidated to actually make any recipes out of it, but the pictures were amazing and brought me back to those cool mornings, walking back to the car with my sister with an Americano steaming in one hand and a maple bar in the other, half wrapped in a Top Pot bag and half stuffed in my face.

This Top Pot cookbook is my main recipe resource for the Monday Morning Donut project. The book aims to provide practical tips for the home baker. They definitely put some time into adapting their recipes from huge scales on industrial equipment to a single dozen, fried on a standard home stove. They even tell you how to make your own proofing chamber in your oven. Rad! The best part is on page 31, where they provide ideas and inspiration on how to make some different and creative donuts. I’m not talking about bacon on a maple bar (that’s kinda old hat now), but stuff like the Car Bomb Bavarian, a bismark “topped with a Guinness chocolate icing and filled with a whiskey-spiked pastry cream.”

If Blair’s Monday morning meeting ever falls on St. Patrick’s Day, they’re getting those!

Don’t wait too long to experience these types of donuts. You don’t want to be missing on a lot of good stuff!